La Femme Fatale

Post here about existing cultivars, how they grow for you, what you think of them, their characteristics, names and naming, how to ID etc.

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La Femme Fatale

Beitrag von xeriscape8321 » 09.02.2012, 00:45

I know it's been a while sence i've posted but because the weather has been unusually warm, my blooming season has started late...quite discouraging...but then when things get started they really get started. I have several flushes now but this is the baby that is right in front of my door. As I leave my house each day during this time of year i am reminded of why i fell in love with brugmansias....La Femme Fatale has started her show..
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Monika Gottschalk
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Beitrag von Monika Gottschalk » 09.02.2012, 10:27

What a pretty sight  :D  Gary, thank you for posting this beautiful picture of La Femme Fatale. It appears to be a very nice cultivar.

I am afraid, most of us have gone dormant like the brugmansia. It is very cold here with temperatures way below zero. It is rather seldom, that the temperatures in the winterquarter of my plants drop close to the freezing point but they did in the past nights.  :(  Most of my brugmansia had a nice green foliage but most of it has now turned yellow because of the very cool temperatures in the greenhouse.
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Beitrag von Karingoldi » 09.02.2012, 11:18

I love the colour  :good
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Beitrag von Heidi » 09.02.2012, 14:38

What a nice brugmansia; I also love this pink colour.
It`s a kindness for us in this cold Germany to see such a pretty angel :D
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