"La Femme Fatale"

Post here about existing cultivars, how they grow for you, what you think of them, their characteristics, names and naming, how to ID etc.

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"La Femme Fatale"

Beitrag von xeriscape8321 » 16.10.2011, 02:10

Weather conditions here have finally come to a point where my brugs are blooming and my newest registered cultivar has begun to put on her show...It never ceases to amaze me just how beautiful these plants are...Interesting thing about this cultivar is that it seems to show a consistent ability for the blooms to mature at different rates so again i am seeing for the third year in a row the "bi-color" blooms...in reality they are just blooms that are maturing at different rates because they all wind up the same color eventually but they seem to have the consistancy of staggering the rate of bloom maturity...and it just facinates me to have white and dark pink blooms with every flush.
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