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I know that this post was made in 2009 but I am hoping that someone will see this.
I purchased plants from a grower that was having problems with broadmites, people do not realize that what they post in the forums are very enlightening.  The plants were curled and very tight and distorted on the tips.  I deal with spider mites all the time but this is my first year dealing with broadmites.  I use forbid and it gets them under control but they come back after a while.
Is there anything else that will kill them?
I use a shade house to grow up my young plants and during the summer it gets very crowded so they can spread but I have noticed not all get them.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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What I read from people here in the forum the most effective thing to do is to drown the whole plant (!) into 42°C warm water for 15 minutes. The plant will loose all its leaves, but the broadmites do not survive. The plant will very soon have fresh leaves.
Sorry, you will have to look up somewhere the exchange from C to F.

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Beitrag von Monika Gottschalk » 29.10.2012, 09:13

Connie, we use Abamectin for the adult mites and Ordoval for the eggs and larvae stages of the mites. The active ingredient of Ordoval is Hexythiazox. You have to google for it in order to find out, under what name it is available in the US.

Very effective is the already recommended hot-water-bath. It eliminates all development stages of the mites.
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